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Proudly made in the USA from imported rare earth elements

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Created in 2013, MagnetPAL was designed to make everyone’s life a little easier. Whether you need to find a wall stud or find your keys in the bottom of your purse, MagnetPAL has you covered. MagnetPAL uses rare earth elements such as Neodymium that are encased in strong ABS plastic.  These rare earth elements are known for being strong and permanent but the stronger they get, the more brittle and delicate they become. MagnetPAL has found a way to inject strong ABS plastic around these rare earth elements to make them highly durable and extraordinarily strong. This extra powerful magnet is now safe for consumer application.


This is what every toolbox needs!  Attach bits, screws, nails, bolts and other hardware to a drill, hammer, wrench or tool belt to free your hands to safely work.  MagnetPAL is also an accurate stud finder by finding the nails in the wooden studs in your wall. 


Never misplace your keys again! Attach a MagnetPAL to your key ring and adhere your keys to any metal object.  For example, the face plate of your light switch by the front door.   Your keys will always be available.


Never climb a ladder again with screws in your mouth, a drill in one hand and bits in the other.  Work safely, hands free by attaching a MagnetPAL to your drill to hold bits, bolts and screws.



Rare earth metals can be configured into strong magnets. The are formed using very high heat and very high pressure. The stronger the configuration the weaker they become. In many cases they can break or shatter. Patented MagnetPAL uses a strong ABS plastic coating to protect and add the required strength so that MagnetPAL will not rust, break, shatter or fail. MagnetPAL has been tested in a lab environment to lift over 14lbs or more than 100x it’s weight. It amazing you have to feel the power.