Inexpensive, quick, long term solution to organizing your outside area and garage.

Summer BBQ’s are here and the time is right, for organizing your outside area and garage!


When you are planning a gathering at your home, you first look at your outside area and garage as a guest. As if it were the first time you are viewing it. If it looks like mine used to look, this can be daunting. How do you live like this? How do you ever find anything? If your anything like me, you know the vicinity of what you are trying to locate. If it is not that in that location, you know the next place to look, and the next and next. Let’s quickly and inexpensively change that!


Who needs a fancy, organizational operatus and/or paying someone to come in and do it for you?  This is not rocket science and something you can easily solve yourself. Now introducing how to transform your outside area and garage quickly and inexpensively.  Take a look at this 30 second video:

Take the initiative and just do it!


MagnetPAL will help you organize it, hang it, store it. And, you will be so glad that you did it. Not just for the guests and your gatherings to be successful, but for you! It’s the gift to oneself that keeps on giving.


MagnetPAL is not a cheap or ordinary magnet – it’s an award-winning, patented gadget.


Its core is made almost entirely from Rare-Earth Metal, making it incredibly strong and durable compared to traditional magnets. Because its unique metals come straight from the earth, there’s an extensive mining process that adds to its rarity. Solidifying MagnetPAL as one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the world.


  • Organizing tools, keys, signs and other objects: The molded loop at the top allows you to attach it to almost anything – which you can then easily hang from any metal surface.


  • Hold Anything Up to 15lbs​ – Small but mighty! It’s powerfully engineered to hold up to 100x its own weight! Use it to securely hold heavy items like drills, hammers, other large tools, or even small items like bolts, screws, and pins. Disconnect without hassle when you’re ready to let go.


  • Made in the USA – Durability at its finest MagnetPAL is made from rare earth metals that will never rust, fail or fall off – even in extreme heat or cold!

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