How to find a Stud? Magnetic Stud Finder

I used to use those fancy, electronic stud finders. Seems like when I needed them, the battery was dead. Also, who needs all of the features? It’s like selling air conditioners to eskimos.

Frustrated, I went online and found MagnetPAL. And, it is the easiest to use and most accurate stud finder, I have ever used.  It is also reasonably priced.  Here are some tips for using MagnetPAL as a stud finder:


                 Background Information:


  • Studs are generally 2” x 4” wood beams.
  • Look for a 2” face of wood below the surface.
  • The dry wall is generally screwed to the end of the stud by metal screws.
  • The ‘Building Code’ generally stipulates that studs are 16” apart, in some cases you may find this varying on older or nonconforming. ( Maybe 24”. )


                Using MagnetPAL Stud Finder:

  • Hold the MagnetPAL about a ½ inch from the wall.
  • Move the MagnetPAL over the surface until you feel the pull of the MagnetPAL.
  • The MagnetPAL will generally hold in place indicating the crew in the stud.
  • Once you have found one screw, move the MagnetPAL Stud Finder vertically up and down the stud to locate a second screw, confirming that you have found the stud.
  • If you are having difficulty finding the studs, try measuring 16” from the edge of the wall or door jam to help narrow your search.
  • Please note that the MagnetPal could scuff freshly painted walls. A small piece of tape over the MagnetpAL surface can help protect the wall.


About MagnetPAL:


  • Magnetic Stud FinderEasily locate the screws in your studs through almost any type of wall. Simply wave MagnetPAL over your wall until you feel it start to pull out of your hand!
  • MagnetPal is affordable and the strongest stud finder.
  • Comes in 7 vibrant colors: black, red, cobalt blue, orange, lime green, yellow & silver.             
  • MagnetPAL detects the wood stud, in addition to metal studs.
  • MagnetPAL is also useful as wall mount scanner.
  • MagnetPAL is unlike other magnets because it’s made from rare earth metals. These so-called Neodymium magnets provide a lifetime of “pulling power”.This also means it won’t lose magnetism over time, it will never rust, and it won’t mess with your phone or credit card chips (like normal magnets).


  • It’s also made in the USA,ensuring every MagnetPAL meets their high quality standards.