Telecscoping MagnetStick with Camera

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Our innovative and versatile MagnetStick features a HD camera, bright light and incredibly powerful magnet. It syncs easily to your smartphone or tablet via wifi to provide a crystal clear view.


  • View things in hard to access and dark places
  • Powerful lifting strength
  • Grabs metal objects with ease
  • Up to 50ft. Wifi range
  • Stores away easily when not in use


  • Compact, travel-friendly design
  • Extendable stick (up to 3.25 feet)
  • Powerful magnet attached to flexible head
  • Bright LED to illuminate areas of interest
  • High definition camera
  • Sleek and durable chrome finish
  • Easy grip rubber handle
  • Convenient USB charging
Imagine not having to bend down to pick up a dropped screw or call a professional to retrieve your key from a drain. Now you don't have to!

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How Customers Use MagnetPAl

Your Handy New Friend, MagnetPAL

Magnet Key Chain and Magnetic Hide A Key

Tired of losing your keys? MagnetPAL is a perfect magnetic hide a key. Use it to hide your keys under your car or around your home. MagnetPAL is the key hiding magnet that will never fail. One of our customers said it best "LOVE these little magnets. They are super strong and hold in place WAY better than traditional hide-a-key magnetic cases. I have one for my truck, horse trailer and garage".

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Also at your independent locksmiths and hardware stores nationwide

MagnetPal Reviews

Our Customers LOVE MagnetPAL

Always loosing keys? This magnet is a lifesaver.

I am *always* losing my keys - even my spare one! This magnet has been a lifesaver - I've attached the spare set to it, and then put the magnet on the top door hinge. Voila - always there when an emergency strikes! Even better, as soon as I come in the door I put my regular keys up there as well. The magnet is so strong that it holds the key loop, and it's easy to take it down each morning w/o removing the magnet from the door. This saves me so much aggravation in the morning!

PreK Rocks! - Amazon Customer

Picked Up A 4Lb Sledge. Coworkers love it! 

"Very nice powerful small magnets. Very powerful magnets in a small convenient size, I used these at work to pick up tools that fall out of reach. It picked up a 4 lb sledge a coworker dropped with no problem, just need to be steady so it doesnt fall off. I attach a string or something long to the magnet and it’s great for whatever I need to be picked up.
Coworkers love them too and have asked me to bring them some."

JTR - Amazon Customer

LOVE These Little Magnets.

Super strong and versatile. LOVE these little magnets. They are super strong and hold in place WAY better than traditional hide-a-key magnetic cases. I have one for my truck, horse trailer and garage.

Rivertime - Amazon Customer

Endless Uses! 

"Most useful small magnets ever!! These magnets are awesome! Super strong for such a small size. You could string lights on a wall with no nails or sticky hooks just by using these magnets clinging to screws in the walls! I can think of 1001 uses for these."

Amazon Customer

Essential Tool

Highly recommended. This is a very strong magnet and worth every penny at around $10. Strong enough to determine magnetic ferrous materials from stainless or brass. Can retrieve tools from pools and ponds and can be used to find studs (nails) in drywall. Strong enough to use to hang tools or a coat hanger.

JVM - Amazon Customer

It actually is really, really strong!

Bought two for my husband to stick stuff in the garage. These magnets can literally attach to any metal objects or surfaces. We used it to hang the tools like shovel, scissors, and stuff. It's really strong, that you might be careful when using two at the same time (coz the magnetic power is really strong)! Would recommend!

Amelia K - Amazon Customer