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MagnetPal Grabbit Stick Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool, Retractable Magnet Pickup Tools, Picker Upper Grabber with Neodymium Anti-Rust Magnet, Heavy Duty Extendable Arm with Most Powerful Magnet

Regular price $24.99
  • TELESCOPING MAGNET - Pickup metallic objects with ease. The handy GrabbitSTICK pick-up tool is ideal for everyone to clean up the surroundings or retrieve hard-to-reach items including pins, nails, bolts, screws and metal pieces.
  • PICKUP MAGNET - Ultra-powerful to lift up heavy tools. The GrabbitSTICK comes with the Neodymium Magnets that enables to hold up to 12 lbs of weight off the ground. Even if you drop heavy tools or machine parts, you can still get them with no hassle.
  • HEAVY DUTY COLLAPSABLE MAGNET - Hold up to 12 lbs, ideal to grab dropped tools. Great anti-slip rubber handle for easy grip. Will be a major asset to any toolbox as one of the handiest tools you can have. You will find many man different uses!
  • TELESCOPIN MAGNETIC PICK-UP TOOL with 12-lb PULL CAPACITY - No matter how big the object is with this Neodymium Anti-Rust Magnet you will be able to pick up any dropped metal object in that hard to reach spot with ease. MOST POWERFUL MAGNET
  • PICKER UPPER MAGNETIC - The 180 degree multi-angle pivoting head provides high versatility that gets you wider reach to retrieve items from different angles. Furthermore, the detachable design makes it extremely easy to detach or re-attach the magnet