Time cannot be replaced - Fire alarm testing can be time consuming. (Reed Switch)

Industrial fire alarm testing is time consuming, and monotonous. And, carrying around a ladder is cumbersome. We have a solution that enables you to complete this uninteresting task quickly, so you can get to something far more fun and interesting.


The MagnetPAL MagnetSTICK is the solution.


  • 39 “ extention with a magnet on the end to test the alarm. Eliminates the need for a ladder. ( If you need a longer extention, we have an adapter. )

  • The magnet swivels to accommodate the switch of Siemens, Tyco, Honeywell, Edwards, Bosch, United, GE, EDT and other fire alarms.
  • You will save a minimum of 3 minutes per alarm. Remember, a little number, multiplied by a big number is a big number. ( 3 minutes x 100 units = 300 minutes or 5 hours. )
  • Do the math of $24.99 for a MagnetSTICK and how much your time is worth. The ROI pays for itself quickly.