Take Your Handiest Friend MagnetPAL Fishing!

Fishing means a lot of things to different people. For some, it’s a hobby or a pastime; for others, it’s a way of life! But pretty much everyone who goes fishing is looking to relax and recharge while they hang out on the lake and wait for a bite.

Unfortunately, there are a few things that might prevent fishing from being truly relaxing.

When you miss the bait and hook your finger, for example.

Or when your tackle box gets bumped and all the sudden, all of your tackle is thrown out into the grass and weeds!

Crawling around in the grass, waiting to prick your finger on a lure is no one’s idea of relaxing.

That’s why next time you go fishing, you need to bring along the best fishing buddy you’ve ever had, MagnetPAL!

Why Take MagnetPAL Fishing?

There’s no gadget handier than MagnetPAL, and that is especially true while fishing!

magnetpal fishing

If you’ve ever pricked your finger with the hook while adding bait, try using MagnetPAL as an extra hand! Its powerful neodymium magnet will hold your hook firmly in place while you get your bait set up or tie it on the line. No more fumbling around and hoping you don’t get hurt – MagnetPAL to the rescue!

Your MagnetPAL is also good at keeping small metal parts together, like the ones that hang out loose in your open tackle box. One little bump when your box is open and all of the sudden your relaxing afternoon fishing turns into a search and rescue mission! Put a couple of MagnetPALs in your tackle box and keep all of the pieces together. Now all you have to do if it spills is find a few MagnetPALs – much more manageable!

Speaking of losing tackle, if it does happen, your MagnetPAL can come to the rescue again! Tie a piece of line around the handle and wave it around in the grass. You’ll collect your stuff so fast you won’t even lose 5 minutes of fishing! Plus, you’ll infinitely reduce your chances of stepping on a hook or stabbing your fingers as you pick them up. Bonus!

Hold the Fish

Did you know you can hold pretty much anything if you have two MagnetPALs and use them together?

magnetpal fishing

The uses are endless, but in this case, we’re talking about something very fishy!
Yes, we mean the fish.

If you need a way to keep your catch where it belongs (with you), try clamping your fish’s tail between two MagnetPALs. Fishing line tied around one magnet’s handle will ensure that the MagnetPALs stay with you, and the anti-rust military grade magnets will guarantee that your fish doesn’t go anywhere!

MagnetPAL as Treasure Hunter

Regardless of how seasoned a fisher you are, there are some days when you just don’t have any luck. If the fish aren’t biting, maybe you want to try another form of fishing.

You might find more success looking for hidden treasure at the pier or under a city bridge, especially with your friend MagnetPAL!

magnetpal fishing

magnetpal fishing

Simply tie your fishing line around MagnetPAL’s handle, cast, and let it run along the bottom of the lake as you reel it back in. MagnetPAL can hold any piece of metal up to 12lbs, which means the bites you get treasure hunting could be a lot more valuable than a fish!

MagnetPAL Fishing: The Uses are Endless

We’ve given you a couple ways you can use MagnetPAL fishing, but there are definitely many more! Take your magnetic buddy fishing and let us know how you use MagnetPAL at the lake!

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