MagnetPAL: The Strongest Magnetic Hide-A-Key

House key, office key, garage key, car key, bike key, boat key, freezer key… It seems like there is a key for everything. They are hard to keep track of and can be time consuming and expensive to replace, particularly in an emergency. MagnetPAL magnetic hide-a-key is a great way to hide a spare set or organize your keys so they are always accessible for you and your family. 

MagnetPAL hide-a-key will never rust, fail, or fall off

Traditional plastic box magnetic hide-a-keys are small and have weak magnets. These are notorious for falling off and are suddenly not to be found when needed. Many of our locksmith professionals rely on MagnetPAL to be there when the consumer needs it!

Although you may not have a key ring with 100 keys, Fradon Lock displays the MagnetPAL hide-a-key on a fixture with 100 keys to show the sheer strength and no key size limit.

magnetic hide a key

Made from rare earth metals

But our patented magnetic hide-a-key is so much more. Made from rare earth metals, surrounded by strong ABS plastic, it is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.

Hide a spare set under your car, mailbox, tool box or anywhere accessible to you and your family. You won’t regret leaving your spare key in the care of MagnetPAL!

magnetic hide a key

Never misplace your keys

We all have that experience where we are ready to leave the home or work (maybe rushing because we’re late!) and we can’t find our keys. Place a MagnetPAL hide-a-key on your key ring and attach your keys to any metal object so they are always handy when you’re ready to go. For example, that tiny screw on your light switch, a door hinge, your refrigerator, computer, or anywhere convenient for you.


How about those rarely used keys, such as boat keys, snowmobile keys, lawn tractor keys, extra freezer keys… Our magnetic hide-a-key is a great way to keep them safe, organized, and hidden. Even organize by color, as MagnetPAL is available in 8 colors!

How about a strong quick release keychain? Attach two MagnetPALs to your belt loop. They will not separate until you want to use your keys. Always handy, always safe!

magnetic quick release key

Traditional hide-a-key magnetic boxes use weak magnets and are prone to detach over time from the metal surface. The patented MagnetPAL, made from rare earth metals, is powerful and will not rust, fail, or fall off. Due to its unique features and strength, you can attach any type of key, regardless of size or number of keys. Organize all your keys by color and ensure they are accessible when and where you need them.

MagnetPAL – use it or lose it!