Get into the Holiday Spirit with MagnetPAL!

Ber months are finally here! Maybe you're not taking out your Christmas decorations just yet, but we think it's never too early to add some holiday cheer to your home!

One of the reasons you're not diving into festive decor may be that taking out decorations is the worst! Everything gets tangled and somehow you always end up with missing pieces or fewer decorations from last year.

That’s why you need MagnetPAL! This hassle-free magnetic buddy will make decorating easier and faster.

Of course, one of the first things you think of when you think MagnetPAL is organization. Its powerful magnet will keep your metal hooks together while you hang bulbs, and you know when you use it to hold something, it's not moving!

Have you ever thought of using MagnetPAL to decorate? Fans of MagnetPAL have used it in a hundred different ways – even to brighten up their home with decorations!

Check out 3 ways to get into the holiday spirit with MagnetPAL!

A Window to Christmas

Try out this cute and innovative decor idea!

Stick your MagnetPAL on your curtain rod, then tie a string around your MagnetPAL’s handle to secure it in place. Next, tie Christmas balls or other ornaments around the other end and let them hang down. Make sure your strings have different lengths to add variety.

You can definitely customize this and use what you have. Now anyone who passes by your front lawn and peeks through your window will feel your holiday cheer!

Framing the Holidays

If that was a little bit too much for you, here’s a more subtle approach to your holiday decor.

You’re going to need a metal picture frame, some garland, Christmas balls, ornaments, ribbons, and your MagnetPAL.

Start by taking out the glass and the back portion of your metal frame. Decorate the front by adding some garland on the corner. Add ornaments or ribbons on your garland. Then loop your Christmas balls around some ribbon. Once that’s done, tie them around the handle of your MagnetPAL and stick them behind your metal frame - and voila! You’re done. The best part about using MagnetPAL for this project is you can easily switch up the look next year!

Chic Christmas Tree

It’s time to step out of the box this Christmas season! Try this fun hanging Christmas tree instead your typical green Christmas tree. It’s way less messy and easier to clean up!

You’re going to need thin tree branches with varying lengths, some twine, Christmas lights, a few ornaments, and your MagnetPAL.

Arrange your branches from longest to shortest, then tie them together with your twine. Leave a bit of space in between tying them to give it that hanging effect. Wind your Christmas lights around each log then assemble your ornaments.

The last step is to tie a string around the top of your tree and your MagnetPAL. Find a stud and let MagnetPAL stick! It’s strong enough to hold the whole tree!