6 Places You Can Use MagnetPAL to Organize Your Home

Everyone wants a decluttered and organized home. Most people would agree that the state of their home is a big contributor to their overall mood. This is why your home organization should be on the top of your priority list. You should be able to develop an organization system to optimize your space at home. Here are 6 places you can use MagnetPAL to organize your home. 


Make cooking easier with MagnetPAL. Arrange all of your cooking utensils for easy access next time you cook a meal. Hang your utensils with MagnetPAL instead of hanging hooks on your kitchen wall. You can also use MagnetPAL to stick pictures or important reminders on your fridge. 


MagnetPAL is a multi-use magnet that can hold up to 12 pounds of metal. You can use it to arrange tools like rakes, ladders, and even a small wheelbarrow in the garage. Use MagnetPAL to hang them up on your wall. 


Necklaces and accessories always manage to get tangled while lying in a drawer, on a surface or even in a jewellery box, and nobody knows why. Trying to untangle them is frustrating and it takes forever! Fear not, MagnetPAL is your solution. You can use a metal board and MagnetPAL to organize your accessories on your vanity. You’ll never have to spend an extra 20 minutes untangling your accessories again. 


Shower curtains aren’t just for keeping the bathroom floor dry, they’re also a way to make your bathroom look cute. After much deliberation, you’ve selected the perfect shower curtain. Now all you have to do is to hang it up. Use MagnetPAL to hang a shower rod in your bathroom. Add your shower curtain and you’re done!

During Holidays

Decorating your home has never been this hassle free. Now you can use MagnetPAL to hang Christmas lights around your home, or use it to add a bit of spookiness by securing Halloween decorations outside your house. 


Looking to have a small get together with friends and family? Invite everyone for a BBQ party on your patio. Use MagnetPAL to hang outside lights or hold patio curtains together for a better BBQ experience. You can use it while grilling too – hang BBQ utensils off the side of the grill to keep everything within arm's reach.