5 Ways MagnetPAL Can Help in the Workplace

You may think that only the fix-it type can benefit from MagnetPAL, but people from all kinds of professions can incorporate this durable and convenient tool to keep the workflow going. We’ve listed 5 different professions and ways you can use MagnetPAL in your workspace for better productivity. 


Teachers understand how annoying it is to always have to buy and remember to bring tape to hold up visual aids/decorations inside the classroom. It’s quite a hassle and it’s extremely wasteful. Not to mention how tape can end up ripping your hard work apart. MagnetPAL can secure and hold up all of your visual aids all over the classroom. Stick it on your board to make your teaching life more convenient – you’ll never have to spend another cent on tape again. 


Cleaning isn’t the only responsibility of our janitors. They’re the first ones to arrive at an establishment and the last ones to leave, which is why they’re in charge of keeping the keys.

MagnetPAL is strong enough to hold more than a dozen sets of keys at once. Janitors can use MagnetPAL to secure and hide the keys safely so they’ll never lose one again.


Mechanics deal with losing bolts, screws, and nails all the time. Not only is it wasteful, but it’s also a safety hazard. You definitely want to locate these small fasteners before anyone steps on them. 

MagnetPAL can help you keep yourself organized and safe. Use it to hold bits, bolts and screws so you can stay hands free while working. Loop a string around your MagnetPAL to use it as a metal detector. Now you can easily locate those small fasteners without any accidents.

Engineers & Architects

Engineers and architects are always making, reviewing and assessing blueprints. They have to be extremely meticulous when tracing and holding it down to a page. MagnetPAL can secure all blueprints in place. Skip the mistakes and erasers – use MagnetPAL to keep your productivity going!

Hair & Make-Up Artists

You wouldn’t think that MagnetPAL could benefit hair and make-up artists, but that’s where you’re wrong! These professionals always have to deal with little pieces that like to get unorganized, like bobby pins, hair clips, and make-up brushes. 

MagnetPAL can help hair and make-up artists organize and create more storage. Use MagnetPAL to secure and arrange all of your bobby pins inside your make-up bag. You can also use it to arrange brushes around your vanity.