To hide and organize keys on a car, boat, motorcycle, or other metal surface.  To hang keys on a wall.  To organize paperclips.  And many many more uses.

To keep track of sewing needles.  To find dropped needles in carpet.

To attach bits, screws, nails, bots, and other hardware to a drill, hammer, wrench or other tool.  To pin plans to a metal wall.  As a stud finder to find metal studs in a wall.  To clean up small metal shavings.  To find pins, small screws, and other small metal items in carpet, grass, or other hard to locate surfaces.

It contains rare earth elements and has unmatched

The MagnetPal comes with a carabiner for easy attachment.

The MagnetPal comes in 8 colors.


This product is easy for any adult to use.

Just attach it to any type of metal.

It will hold a 4 pound pipe wrench


It is made of a rare earth magnet and injected molded into a rust proof pvc.

It is smaller than a quarter