Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium magnets are made from rare earth materials and are extraordinarily powerful. The most powerful permanent magnets ever made. Rare earth magnets are extremely brittle. They can chip, crack and shatter. As a result of their brittle nature they are limited in their application to everyday life. MagnetPAL goes a long way to solving this problem.

By injection molding strong rust proof ABS plastic around a specific type of rare earth magnet we are able to provide strength and protection to allow MagnetPAL useful for everyday applications. MagnetPAL is about the size of the end of my thumb. So it is useful for applications such as hide a key, key organizer, stud finder, nut, screw, nail and bit holder. It’s a dream tool for carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, handyman locksmiths and anyone using tools.

The power of Neodymium magnets has never been this useful. MagnetPAL has been measured to hold up to 12lbs in laboratory conditions. Do try this at home. You just gotta try it, use it or lose it.

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MagnetPAL has unlimited uses, hide a key, carpenters friend to hold bits, screws and nails right were you need them. Clean up metal shavings, find a lost keys overboard, organize your keys, stud finder, etc.

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