Most powerful Hide-a-Key ever made

An extra key is always recommended. Have you ever lost a key and had to pay a locksmith to open your car door, house, or even a tool shed?

Many available hide a keys have weak magnets that can not hold in hostile environments over the long term. Additionally they can not hold much weight. MagnetPAL is the strongest magnet ever made. Very small almost the size of a quarter. Powerful enough to hold a 6lbs pipe wrench. Once you place it stays where intended!

Reach under you car and the MagnetPAL will almost leap out of your hand when it finds the nearest metal under your car. Drive all you want and it will not fall off. Hide a key on any metal discretely around your house. Too may keys in your workshop, use color coded MagnetPALs to organize your keys. Thousands of uses, use it or lose it.TM

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MagnetPAL has unlimited uses, hide a key, carpenters friend to hold bits, screws and nails right were you need them. Clean up metal shavings, find a lost keys overboard, organize your keys, stud finder, etc.

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