MagnetPal is another creation brought to you by the inventor of such products as the following:

















Now there is an easy and effective way for people of all professions to stay organized, prevent loss of material, and make their lives easier!

FMCG brings products to life. With distribution channels channels with major retailers in over 30 countries we can bring your product or invention to market.

About FMCG

FMCG brings products to life. Regardless of the stage of development or market penetration of your product we can help. Our team of sales representatives have long standing relationship with major retailers throughout the US and South America.

Emerging Markets – China has an exploding middle class population. Our team in China is growing our retail footprint everyday. We can bring your brand and product to the 1.3 billion people in China or even all of South East Asia.

Our business relationship can range from FMCG us acquiring your product, becoming your distributor or we can operate on a fee or commission basis.

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